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Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Max. I'm a graphic designer and digital artist based in Prague, Czechia.

I'm currently working at Incognito Studio and Aurora Studio, but always ready to start on new and exciting projects!

I can do 2D & 3D visuals along with some basic front-end coding. As I've been working with Adobe software starting around 15 years old, I know my way around Creative Cloud very well. I love to work with textures along with taking a "mixed media" approach to things.

Other than that, I do some digital photography - architecture being one of my favourite things to capture. I also got into reading books again lately, mainly about fashion history.

You can find my personal artworks on this page, some of which is paid commission work I have done for various clients. Alongside this you can look into the Experience tab for a brief rundown of my work experience.

If you wish to get in touch, the best way to contact me is via mail or by sending a message on Discord. Check the contact page for my address.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay, feel free to explore all you want.

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